Thursday, January 18, 2007

Olivier Grossetete • bateau ivre

Un bateau ivre I 2001

Some see Olivier Grossetête as a « joyful prankster», those for example who witnessed his installation at the Valence Tax Office composed of enormous plastic bags stuffed with over 6000 handwritten notes on which could be read: C'est du travail (It´s work). Still others see him as a harsh crank who gets off making collages from parking tickets on cellulose as in Vole libre, and transforming elements of the real into a grating fiction. Decidedly, Olivier Grossetête masters the art "of confonting the law in a falsely naive poetic manner".Finally, there are those who see in him a young talented filmmaker, of somber, poetic images that are just a tad outdated. The compliment would certainly make him blush: there´s a bit of Tati in his Bateau ivre I, a monumental sculpture of a paper boat (like those which graced the floors of our schools) shown as a 16 minute video-fiction to the great enjoyment of the spectateurs.

To see an excerpt of Bateau ivre I ..

Un bateau ivre I 2001
Film 16 mm et vidéo, 16'35"

In this story of childhood fragrance, nothing interests him more than to invert the scale relationship between the paper, the landscape, and man. Nothing grabs his attention more than all these little accumulations of accidents, these series of anodine incidents, as if what mattered to him was to immortalize on film the somersaults of the real when fiction intrudes. And he has a whale of a time doing so, reappropriating various cinematographic references borrowed from The Night of the Hunter, Aguirre or the Wrath of God, Delivrance or African Queen. In short, Olivier Grossetête has decided to help the dream spawn where it is least expected, leaving a constellation of stories in its wake. source

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