Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pink Not Dead!

I would love to illuminate the Red Square in Moscow and change it to a Pink one for one night, but I don’t know how easy that might be.

cream pie

Pink not dead!, an art project by Maurycy Gomulicki, a Polish artist, performer, writer, collector and designer with his base in Mexico, presents the phenomena of ‘Pink’ in all shapes, shades, scents and sounds. His Pink Blog collects imagery of living with PINK on a daily basis and Maurycy doesn’t seem to stop anywhere when it comes to his favorite color and fetish. He even designed a line of pink coffins as a part of the exhibition and a whole pink sex shop chain (about 10 shops already) together with Jorge Covarrubias. »

Maurycy Gomulicki with Pink Girls: Pink Cabriolet Ride in Warsaw, 2006, photo: Rafal Nowak

Pink Not Dead!

The title of the project is a paraphrase from the 1970's famous punk slogan - Punk Not Dead! which we can freely translate as "Trash never dies!" - only a step away converting it into "Live trash!" however, Pink Not Dead! is far away from such a declaration. Likewise, the exhibition does not attempt at a simple glorification of the peripheries of sentimentalism....
Once entering the pink universe we are going to find ourselves curiously lost in between sensuality and innocence and unfasten the trip from serenity to perversion, sometimes without a return trip ticket. Here arise a variety of approximations and cases - from Eden-like garden floral habitats to death industries.

from the pink statement

pink slavery

pink monk

pink pillows

pink at expo sexo 07

pink pillows

pink riders


pink virus

more here and here

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