Friday, August 24, 2007

logic of the moment

kill all fanatics ;)

digged at Paul´s


Mat Gundo said...

Dearezt Mister PlaceboKatz! Do you thinka now Mrs.Shannon throwz you out of United Statez of A ? How bad - we give you good asylum in our Free anda Ever Young Republic of Uribistan.
PS.: We came here by Goy. He is our Ambassador in Berlin. We like also very much your 'bad linkz'. I think, we put little link to you on our official site.
Overstreaming, Yourz Mat Gundo

Udge said...

The worrying thing is, I'm quite certain that it's genuine. God help us all.

soar. said...

If this girl would be in front of my face saying this shit, I don't care if I'm a guy... I would punch her in the fucking face.

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