Monday, February 05, 2007

mtc • the multitouch console by the c-base crew

pic by kai0chi

The c-base MultiTouchConsole (mtc) is a touch-sensitive table interface that reacts to more than one touch at a time. Similiar to the works of Jeff Han, previously mentioned here, it interacts at the touch of your fingers. While still a prototype, it is a remarkable product that can be experienced first hand at the Directors Lounge. As Régine puts it, the mtc comes with a couple of benefits, it is robust enough to take a couple of beer bottles (and even understands the difference between bottles and fingers), it is a low cost solution and it´s open source. Interested beings are highly encouraged to get in touch with the mtc crew during Directors Lounge (only till sunday 11th).

The c-base MultiTouchConsole mtc is a completely self-contained, touch-sensitive table built in spare time by a group of c-base members. A projector in the table displays an image on the table surface and an infrared-sensitive camera is used to track positions of fingers touching it. The mtc reacts to an unlimited amount of touches at once. Touch locations are determined with an accuracy of a few millimeters..

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