Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Lunatics have taken over

Jenny Holzer

Today is a sad date as it marks the undeserved death of the old, with reason classic called, blogspot templates. It is hard to imagine what goes in the minds of these folks that ru(i)n this fine enviroment. Do they smoke too much Adsense? Are they just power hungry controll freaks? Is it the sadistic pleasure to destroy a running system? Whatever googles around the brains that are in power, it forces every poor soul trapped in the blogspot universe to switch to the wonderful world of the new, for good reason long time beta called, blogger dash board.

"No reason to worry" they squeak, everything will be the same, nothing will be touched. What a joke, these wannabe coders aren´t able to transport a little apostrophe "´" or a bullet "•" in the sidebar without changing it into a mess of strange characters. And that´s just an easy task as you can still fix the mess in the html template, but that´s only true for certain parts. More and more you can´t edit parts of your own blog as they remain hidden somewhere else.
But the worst of all is that by now every picture you like to post is in a way hosted that awakes memories of the earliest days of the 28k modem. You may have noticed that over the last weeks many blogspot blogs displayed pictures only extremely slow, often with many pictures completely missing. The new way the googles are hosting the pictures is a complete mess, not only is it pure chance if a pic is displayed, you are also forced to use their resizing, posting the original is deliberately disabled. One wonders for what reason. Is the picasa team still offended by flickr, or has it something to do with the strange image id tags that are now connected with every pic.

The sweet smell of surveillance.

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nozap said...

could'nt agree more.

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