Thursday, May 29, 2008

Video Lounge Schwerin

Video Art from Austria from the 1960s to the Millennium Fri 30th of May

The Kunstverein (art association) Schwerin invites to a special night, dedicated to Austrian video art from the early pioneers like Peter Weibel, Valie Export to recent works from the 21st century. The extensive compilation is based on the Video Edition Austria and Release 01, both published by the media workshop Vienna. The edition offers a representative view over 25 years of video art and artistic video documentation in Austria. In fact this compilation, even so it only features Austrian works, gives a condensed overview of the development of video art in general.


The Lounge starts at 6 pm in the new, beautiful home of the Kunstverein Schwerin, former and first power plant in Schwerin. Beside this long night of Austrian video art there´s everyday (except for tuesdays) the chancce to drop by and ask for specific works between 3 - 6pm.


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Kunstverein Schwerin
Spieltordamm 5 (power plant at the Pfaffenteich)
Fri 30th of May 6pm - 11pm

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