Monday, April 03, 2006

Not This War by Dan Hubp
in competition at slamdance

Not This War, screened as worldpremiere at the Directors Lounge 2006, is the story of one woman's accelerating spiral in the face of events that challenge her every belief. In a society where the ideals of honor, duty and sacrifice stand without question, Dorothy’s only hope for herself and her two sons, lies in her willful conviction to take matters into her own hands.
A brilliant made collage of old Super 8-movies interwoven with an outstanding performance by the lead actress Linda Halaska.

Not This War is one of three contestants in the monthly Anarchy Online Short Film Competition

You can see Not This War either at slamdance in QT (high and low rez) or at Directors Lounge television (.flv, also with german subtitles)

Dan Hubp is founder of, a space dedicated to set the stage for screenwriters.

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