Monday, May 12, 2008

X-ray drawings - roentgen etchings

The roentgen etchings by Ben Kruisdijk, who often works together with Conny Kuilboer, lately mentioned here

Ben says: "I first started working with roentgen photo's (X-ray photographs) while I was still a student at the academy, this was in 2004 / 2005.
For me it is not of importance who's body it is, as an artist I'm more interested in the language of the picture it self, showing something that might be very horrible (tumors, broken bones etc) in an aesthetic way.
The reason for 'etching' a drawing in the photo is because, first I'm a draughtsman and second to remove something from the medical world and place it in the art world.
The roentgen etchings (as I like to call them) are works that have a strong relation to my drawings on paper, conceptually they are the same and only differ in their material."

"As result of our involvement, the world has mainly evolved into something abstract.
It's existence has come forth through the sum of the past, the things that have taken place (the factual) and the things that haven't taken place (the fictional).

When looking around we see things which can be given names, together these things form a vocabulary that can be used to communicate ideas and experiences that normally can not be expressed using our verball language.
The genre of stil life paintings could be seen as an example, as all the elements in the painting form metaphors and therefor function as a language.
This system of (visual) language surrounds us and functions as a medium between the factual and the fictional.

As an artist I like to work with these systems of (visual) language, they allow me to create an abstract framework in which I can think and dream without obstacles."

Ben Kruisdijk

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